Trees You Don’t Want: Eastern Red Cedar

Let the hate mail begin! Half-kidding, of course, but the Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is one species that landowners across the country love to hate. If you’re an orchard guy like me, you probably lean toward prejudice. That’s because the red cedar is an alternate host of cedar-apple rust, a destructive and disfiguring disease […]

His Work Created Millions of Bowhunters

If you know anything about bowhunting history, you know names like Fred Bear, Howard Hill, Roy Case, and Doug Easton. And, if you know anything about the pastime’s rise in popularity, names like Chuck Adams, Byron Ferguson and, of course, Ted Nugent. There’s one name, however, that you might not recognize. Yet, without him, bowhunting […]

Wolves Occupy 63% of This State’s Landscape

Stunning new findings from a nonpartisan citizen group indicate gray wolves are roaming nearly two-thirds of a state that was once considered marginal home range for North America’s apex predator. In data released today, Wisconsin Citizen Wolf Count documents wolf sightings in 45 of the state’s 72 counties. Of these sightings, sets of data have […]